2007 Announcements and Releases

*ORA - Overseas Regulatory Announcement
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11/30/07Changes of Company Secretary and ...... Qualified AccountantPrinter Friendly Version
10/30/07Announcement pursuant to Rule 13.09 of the Listing Rules Disposal ...... SubsidiaryPrinter Friendly Version
09/28/07Circular - Election of Means and Language of Receipt of Corporate CommunicationPrinter Friendly Version
09/28/07Reply FormPrinter Friendly Version
09/17/07Fosun International's Interim Result Announcement for the six months ended 30 June 2007Printer Friendly Version
09/05/07Circular - Discloseable Transaction: Formation of a Joint VenturePrinter Friendly Version
09/04/07Date of Board MeetingPrinter Friendly Version
09/03/07Fosun Held Grand Banquet To Celebrate Its Going PublicPrinter Friendly Version
09/03/07Fosun become the focus of CBD International ForumPrinter Friendly Version
09/03/07Fosun become the focus of CBD International ForumPrinter Friendly Version
08/20/07Exchange Notice - Resumption of TradingPrinter Friendly Version
08/20/07Fosun successfully completed its IPO in HK, attracting the 6th biggest oversubscription in the history of HKPrinter Friendly Version
08/17/07Formation of a Joint Venture and Resumption of TradingPrinter Friendly Version
08/16/07Suspension of TradingPrinter Friendly Version
08/16/07Exchange Notice - Suspension of TradingPrinter Friendly Version
08/09/07Stabilizing Actions and End of Stabilization PeriodPrinter Friendly Version
07/20/07Exercise of Over-Allotment Option AnnouncementPrinter Friendly Version
07/13/07Global Offering Allotment ResultsPrinter Friendly Version
07/09/07Clarification AnnouncementPrinter Friendly Version
06/29/07ProspectusPrinter Friendly Version
06/29/07Global Offering Formal NoticePrinter Friendly Version
05/11/07Fosun held its first Annual Meeting of InvestmentPrinter Friendly Version
05/11/07NISCO United joined EU's Emissions Reduction Voluntary Agreement as the First Batch of MembersPrinter Friendly Version
05/11/07Yu Yuan Commercial City Enjoyed Good Business In Lantern FestivalPrinter Friendly Version
04/01/0720th Anniversary Celebration for Shanghai Zhejiang Province Chamber of CommercePrinter Friendly Version
03/26/07Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd (NISCO United)Registered a Stable Increase Last year, Exceeding ExpectationPrinter Friendly Version
03/26/07Forte's First Large-scale Commercial Project: Tianjin Centre was Officially LaunchedPrinter Friendly Version
02/09/07Chairman Guo Guangchang advocates the following on behalf of the private owners in Shanghai: To give priority to the development of suburban and rural areas.Printer Friendly Version
02/09/07Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd (NISCO United) signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Steel Corp. (CSC)Printer Friendly Version
02/09/07As a responsible enterprise, Fosun always pays great attention to social development and changes. Since its establishment, Fosun has taken “helping society” as its obligation and has actively participated in commonweal activities. Printer Friendly Version
02/09/07Donations from Fosun Printer Friendly Version
02/09/07New Year's Greetings Scientific and Harmonious Corporate DevelopmentPrinter Friendly Version