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News Release

Nanjing Steel is now providing Pipeline Steel Plate in big scale with Line No. 2 importing the Natur
Up to the end of May, NANGJING IRON&STEEL UNITED CO., LTD (NSU) has already provided 17,800 metric ton pipe-line steel plate with X70 grade for relevant pipe manufacturers, who join 2nd round of Western Gas transported to the East Project, and NJSTEEL is about to supply 33,600 metric ton with X70 grade plate for this project in the first half of the year according to supply contract. NJSTEEL also furnished 1000 metric ton pipe-line steel coil for Western Gas transported to the East Project.

From the first pipe-line steel plate to an overall series product, it only took NJSTEEL two years. On Dec 16,2007, X80 grade plate (coil) first interiorly passed the authentication of national level of science and technology production on” techniques research &product development of large caliber X80 grade pipe-line steel (plate and coil) utilized rolling mill furnace convolve”. Recently, high-level pipe-line steel products such as X65HIC,X70HIC,X70W and X80,etc are developed successfully, and higher X100 grade has also entered the stage of the research development in lab.

It is reported that NJSTEEL pipe-line steel products were used early or late for important projects such as Sichuan gas transported to the East Project, Huaiwu lateral of Western gas shipped to the East Project and Fujian LNG project, further were threw into some oversea projects such as Kazakhstan 3rd gassing plant,1st China-Russia pie-line and east Siberia-Pacific, especially NJSTEEL was gained a great reputation through multi-nationally and different regions application of crude oil or transportation gas. During 2nd round of Western Gas transported to The East Project this time, DWTT capability of X70 grade pipe-line must practice at -20℃,additionally some data such as impact toughness, bias direction ability ,steel plate precision, plate shape also are higher than regular technology standard, even the amount 25,100MT reach for 21mm thickness size, as indicate that NJSTEEL holds middle thickness casting billet and low compress ratio techniques and control technology to produce X70grade pipe-line steel. NSU has produced approx 610 thousands MT pipe-line steel up to the end of May, 2008.