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News Release

NISCO United joined EU's Emissions Reduction Voluntary Agreement as the First Batch of Members
On 8th March, the meeting of EU's Asian environmental support project —— China's City Environment Management Voluntary Approach Project (Phase II) was held in Nanjing. NISCO United as well as 14 "Voluntary Enterprise" from steel, petrochemical, chemistry and construction industries joined the Agreement as pilot enterprises. The European Union will provide technical support and the Chinese Government will offer certain favorable policies. This is the first of its kind for China to introduce "Voluntary Enterprise" mechanism in environment protection management.

During its development, NISCO United is focusing on both the quality and speed. When the Company is upgrading its products, it is also attaching great importance to its energy saving as well as building up an environmental friendly enterprise. In 2006, NISCO United registered its energy consumption of 729kg standard coal, decreasing 41kg over 2005. 2006 saw over RMB 250m of energy saving. In 2006, with its large converter, the Company implemented the gas recovery project and with UNCDM (United Nation's Clean Development Mechanism), NISCO worked with the World Bank (representing Carbon Trust, Italy) and signed the CO2 Emission Reduction Purchasing Agreement and the Agreement started to be implemented. This Project is the first energy efficiency improvement project approved by the Chinese Government under the CDM mechanism of Kyoto Protocol and also the first project of the World Bank’s Carbon Finance in steel industry.

NISCO United joined the EU's Emissions Reduction Voluntary Agreement was voluntary and it can be regarded as putting pressure by its own. The purpose of joining the Agreement is to introduce the advanced international management so as to raise the enterprise awareness of taking responsibilities of resources and environment to a voluntary level. Therefore, the ecological concept has been nurtured and enhanced.