• Guo Guangchang: Connection of Fosun with wine
  • Release Time: Jul 14, 2021
  • Today, I came to the annual Sugar and Wine Fair in Chengdu and participated in the dealer meeting of Tuopai Shede for the first time. I would like to thank my colleagues in Tuopai Shede and Jinhui Liquor. At this time of year, everyone is very busy. I appreciate your hard work.


    A few days ago, Tsingtao Beer and Jinhui Liquor released their brilliant 2020 annual report, and Shede Spirits of Tuopai Shede Group will also soon release its annual report. Despite the special situation of the pandemic last year, we have reached our development goals through active responses and tenacious efforts, which has strengthened the bond of our team and created a strong will - It is always sweet and marvelous to drink good liquor with colleagues in the wine industry.


    Since Fosun started its business, good times and good liquor have always been inseparable. During our pursuit of so many years, we have come to understand one thing deeply, that is - “good liquor takes time”. Every drop of good liquor has witnessed the value of time, from the moment of harvest to the ingenuity of craftsmen, the uneasy waiting in the fermentation period, and the long years of distillation and storage.  In the construction of Fosun’s happy family ecology, we are grateful for this connection, as well as the efforts and waiting of our colleagues. We not only established a good bond with Tsingtao Beer in 2017, but also ushered in two major acquisitions in 2020, one of which is Jinhui Longnanchun Liquor, a famous brand of Shaanxi Liquor, as well as Tuopai Shede, one of the six prime brands of Sichuan liquor and a famous Chinese liquor. All connections have their causes and consequences. We will value this connection, as well as acknowledge every gathering in the process and every sincere friend along the way.


    Good people make good liquor - I still remember this motto when I visited the Tsingtao Beer Museum. The birth of a good liquor is inseparable from strict material selection, scientific quality management and constant brand awareness.  I am very glad to have met Chairman Huang Kexing and his outstanding team in Tsingtao Beer, as well as Chairman Zhou Zhigang and his team in Jinhui Liquor. I am also very pleased to welcome Chairman Zhang Shuping and President Pu Jizhou of Tuopai Shede Spirits, who have just joined the Fosun family. It is the outstanding entrepreneurial teams that have promoted Fosun’s pursuit of the quality of liquor.  I also know that the malt aroma of Tsingtao Beer, the low-temperature sweetness of Longnan liquor, or the rich old liquor of Tuopai Shede are all Chinese time-honored brands with rich historical accumulations, which cannot be possible without the efforts and sweat of generations of entrepreneurs and brewers. We are not only grateful and respectful for this, but also are deeply aware of the responsibility of shareholders.

    Shede golden yeast is known as one of the four famous Distiller’s yeasts. What do you think of the smell?


    A bottle of good liquor is also a catalyst for the maturation of Fosun’s global family ecology.  After 29 years of development, Fosun has basically built a global ecosystem focusing on serving the happy life of families underpinned by the twin drivers of “Industrial investment + Industrial operation”. We have an extensive portfolio of products in the four areas of health, happiness, wealth, and smart manufacturing. This bottle of liquor has come at the right time. We will actively promote the industrial collaboration of Fosun ecology and the empowerment of science and technology. We hope that more Fosun customers can taste this good wine, relax on a beach at the Atlantis Resort, Sanya, celebrate the victory of the Wolverhampton Wanderers, or have their most important encounter in Baihelove… I believe that this liquor can become a time partner for Fosun customers at important emotional moments.


    A good wine is an important carrier for Fosun to pay more attention to the concept of “Culture+” in the era of cultural self-confidence and the rise of the nation. In the 29 years of Fosun’s development, the company’s original intention of “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance, Contribution to Society” has not changed. Liquor is not only an important spiritual symbol of Chinese culture, but also a language for dialogue between Chinese consumers and the world. Given our current cultural accumulation and era, we expect to work together with partners in all sectors to benefit our dealers, turn more liquor culture stories into unique geographical and cultural business symbols of cities, provide more innovative young people with a stage for entrepreneurship and development, and facilitate more cooperation with globally famous liquors and share good liquor with friends.


    From my point of view, Fosun’s connection with wine has just begun.