• “Foliday” brand officially launched to create a C2M tourism ecosystem
  • Release Time: Mar 22, 2018
  • The 18th China Cultural Tourism Global Forum was held at Sanya on March 22. At the forum, Fosun Tourism Group officially launched its Foliday brand, which is a combination of Fosun and Holiday. The launch of Foliday was one of the events of the 18th China Cultural Tourism Global Forum, and many guests attending the conference also witnessed the brand’s launch ceremony. Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, congratulated the forum. He emphasized that the establishment of Foliday was an achievement of Fosun’s C2M global family happiness ecosystem strategy and pledged to commit to the upgrading of the tourism and cultural industry to provide better leisure and vacation experiences for family customers around the world.


    On the same day, Qian Jiannong, Senior Vice President of Fosun International and Chairman and President of Fosun Tourism Group, appeared at the press conference with the heads of the company’s major brands. First, he introduced the overall development plan of Foliday. Foliday would focus on the leisure and vacation experiences for global families and improve the quality of these experiences. To focus on its goal to build a C2M tourism ecosystem, Foliday has put forward an innovative brand slogan, “Everyday is Foliday”, to say that every day is a happy day.


    Foliday is one of the pillars of Fosun’s three major business sectors of health, happiness, and wealth. It adheres to the company’s principles of “Combining China's Growth Momentum with Global Resources”, is underpinned by the twin drivers of “industrial operation + strategic investment”, focuses on the leisure and vacation needs of global families, has a whole industry chain layout and integrated global resources, and strives to become “the leader in leisure and vacation experiences for global families”. Since it first invested in Club Med of France many years ago, Foliday has successively invested in and managed a number of top global brands in the tourism segment, creating the preliminary form of a global, industry-wide, full-cycle tourism ecosystem, and will continue to strengthen the integration of the industrial chain on its existing platform.


    Foliday’s current ecosystem includes several major business segments, spanning the development, management, and operation of high-end leisure hotels, resorts, and leisure tourism destinations, entertainment, other tourism and culture related services, and tourism platforms and services. It has gathered a group of world-renowned brands, including Club Med, one of the world’s largest one-price, all-inclusive leisure and vacation group from France and Atlantis Sanya, a world-class luxury one-stop holiday destination; invested in Thomas Cook, one of the first global travel agencies and Europe’s leading leisure travel group; and established a joint venture travel agency, Thomas Cook, which is controlled by Fosun, to provide one-stop, high-end, and high-quality customized tourism consulting and services. Foliday’s services also include Albion, a professional tourism operator; Casa Cook, a tourism destination cultural performing arts company; Miniversity, which is an international club where parents and children can play; and online travel platforms and travel agencies that it uses to integrate all its travel resources.


    With the vigorous development of the tourism industry, family leisure vacations have become the next thing in the tourism industry. Qian Jiannong believed that consumption upgrade and technological progress were driving the transformation and upgrade of the tourism and cultural industry, and that the tourism consumption model would undergo revolutionary changes, which happens to be the backdrop of the birth of Foliday. Work patterns have changed along with technological changes and great improvements to work efficiency. Office workers no longer need to go to the office every day, working remotely has become a reality, and leisure time has increased accordingly. The boundaries between working in an office and consumption will be further blurred, and Foliday needs to “intelligently create” innovative products and services to meet the needs of such scenarios.


    Qian Jiannong said: “Foliday has proposed the “Everyday is Foliday” slogan and will take the lead as consumers blur the difference between Monday and Sunday. One day, people will forget the difference between Monday and Sunday. Every day will be Foliday.”


    Foliday is committed to creating a brand-new vacation model for global families and a new way of life to fill everyday life and work with happiness!