• Fosun takes home the "Golden Key Award" for outstanding contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Release Time: Jan 11, 2021
  • At the "China Sustainable Development Solution Awards Ceremony" held on January 7, 2021 by the China Sustainability Tribune, the sustainable development solution of "Rural Doctor Poverty Alleviation Program" submitted by Shanghai Fosun High Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. and Fosun Foundation outshone the 122 action cases presented by 92 participating enterprises, taking home the "Golden Key Award" under the "Poverty Alleviation" category. This honor affirms the unremitting efforts Fosun has made over the past years to assist rural revitalization and proactively do its part in China's plan of sustainable development.

    Likened to the "SDG Decade of Action" of the United Nations, the "China Sustainable Development Solution" is aimed at discovering stellar sustainability role models in China. More than 20 experts in sustainable development and corporate executives with deep expertise in corporate social responsibility were invited to form a jury to assess the sustainable development solutions presented by participating enterprises through self-recommendation, in-situ roadshow and video exhibition, before the award winners were decided.

    As one of Fosun Foundation's more central initiatives in recent years, the "Rural Doctor Poverty Alleviation Program" has fully considered its future sustainability since its inception.

    First, the Program guarantees its sustainability by ensuring the continuous supply of dedicated program workers. Second, all components of this Program are sustainable. For instance, the "Dream Come True" project replaced aid with reward, which allows rural doctors in poverty-stricken villages to improve their medical skills while also helping to retain rural doctors so that they continue to stay and take care of villagers.

    During the roadshow, the Program was inspired by the good practices of other initiatives. For example, when it comes to material donations, the Program can assist localities in staging online fundraising activities and guide them through steps such as information disclosure and project wrap-up to ensure the sustainability of charitable activities.

    As an important part of China's medical and health service system, the rural healthcare system is crucial to the sustainable development of society, yet the generally inadequate medical skills of rural doctors have crippled the development of rural medical services. Over the years, Fosun's "Rural Doctor Poverty Alleviation Program" has followed the tenet of "promoting the sustainable development of talents and products" and aimed to meet the basic healthcare needs of the poor — a weak component in "poverty eradication". Fosun Foundation recruits volunteers from companies within the Fosun system and sends them to the counties involved in the project to complete poverty alleviation tasks by rotation. In 2019, Fosun teamed up with the Youth Volunteers Action Guidance Center under the Central Committee of Communist Youth League of China to include the "Rural Doctor Special Project" into the Graduated Volunteers Serving Western China Development Program, and it is now possible to recruit volunteers from the said Program to serve the "Rural Doctor Poverty Alleviation Program" in project counties.

    The Program has set the "Five Ones" goal in its drive to support rural doctors and villagers:

    One project for security promotion;

    One project for capacity improvement;

    One project for helping a group of impoverished patients suffering from critical illnesses;

    One project for selecting and commending a group of outstanding rural doctors;

    One project for constructing a number of smart clinics;

    The Program has also fleshed out the "standard actions" of implementing the "Five Ones" through a standard implementation manual, which are being speedily promoted in 70 project counties for continuous improvement of medical skills of rural doctors and genuine practice of sustainable development strategy to empower rural doctors.

    Moreover, Fosun's solution also includes the Internet, AI, and big-data-powered cutting-edge technologies to build a healthcare support network sprawling across villages, thereby minimizing the risk of villagers falling back into poverty due to illness and ensuring the sustainability of healthy rural areas and a well-off China in the future.

    After more than three years of unremitting efforts, Fosun’s "Rural Doctor Poverty Alleviation Program" has achieved remarkable results in raising the standards of primary medical and health services in the poverty-stricken project areas and shown the world an effective and sustainable way forward for social and corporate forces to join forces in fostering rural doctors.