• The great Wolverhampton Wanderers! Fosun evaluated as the best Premier League Manager by British media
  • Release Time: May 03, 2019
  • Recently, talkSPORT, a famous British media and the world’s largest sports radio broadcaster, made a list on the performance of the management of 20 Premier League teams in recent years. According to the  rankings, this authoritative media ranked Fosun International, the owner of Wolverhampton Wanderers, as No. 1!


    Let us take a look at what talkSPORT said:


    No. 1: Fosun International (Wolverhampton Wanderers)


    “Fosun International, owned by Guo Guangchang, bought the Wolverhampton Wanderers in summer in 2016 and has a high chance of taking them back to the UEFA Champions League in their first season back in the Premier League.”


    “Under the effective management of the Fosun team, the Wolverhampton Wanderers were promoted to the Premier League as the champion last season. The team signed a number of contracts during the EFL Championship  that shocked everyone. It bought Nevis from Porto and

    Jota from Atletico Madrid. It can be said that the management’s vision is very forward-looking as they performed very well even in the Premier League! This season, the Wolverhampton Wanderers successively signed the Portuguese midfield master Moutinho, Portuguese goalkeeper Patricio, "King of Passing" Traore, Belgium Dendoncker, and Mexican striker Jimenez, who was originally on loan but was bought out by the team after he proved his ability.”


    “In view of the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ recent excellent performance, many are optimistic that the Wolverhampton Wanderers can become one of the best teams in England with Fosun’s continuous investment.  In addition, the training for and use of Gibbs-White born at 2000s also shows the management’s attention to youth training."


    Here, first of all, I would like to thank the British media for its affirmation of Wolverhampton Wanderers’ owner Fosun International and the Fosun management team. I also hope that after the end of the season, as the media said, we can enter the European football next season.


    Complete list of rankings:


    No. 1: Fosun International (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

    No. 2: John Henry (Liverpool)

    No. 3: Mansour (Manchester City)

    No. 4: Gino Pozzo (Watford)

    No. 5: Mike Garrick, and John Banaszkiewicz (Burnley)

    No. 6: ENIC (Tottenham Hotspur)

    No. 7: Tony Bloom (Brighton)

    No. 8: The Srivaddhanaprabha Family (Leicester City)

    No. 9: Abramovich (Chelsea)

    No. 10: Dean Hoyle (Huddersfield)

    No. 11: Maxim Demin (Bournemouth)

    No. 12: Gao Jisheng (Southampton)

    No. 13: Steve Parish, Josh Harris, and David Britzer (Crystal Palace)

    No. 14: Chen Zhiyuan (Cardiff City)

    No. 15: Shahid Khan (Fulham)

    No. 16: The Glazer family (Manchester United)

    No. 17: Farhad Moshiri (Everton)

    No. 18: David Sullivan, and David Gold (West Ham United)

    No. 19: Stan Kroenke (Arsenal)

    No. 20: Mike Ashley (Newcastle)