• An ice breaking event! Henlius (02696.HK) successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today
  • Release Time: Sep 25, 2019
  • On September 25, 2019, Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Henlius", stock code: 02696.HK) of Fosun Pharma’s Biopharmaceutical Platform was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


    Henlius’ listing ranked first in terms of scale of fundraising among the Hong Kong stock biopharmaceutical companies that had not started to make a profit this year. Moreover, since July this year, no biopharmaceutical company has successfully opened the door to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Therefore, as a biopharmaceutical "unicorn" in China, Henlius’ listing at this time is of great significance to the market. It is also praised by many media as the "first ice breaking stock" of the Hong Kong stock market in September and has received great attention and support from Hong Kong investors and international investors.


    Henlius is a biopharmaceutical platform of Fosun Pharma. It was established in 2010 by a joint venture of Fosun Pharma and overseas scientists. It mainly focuses on the development of monoclonal antibody drugs, producing products for tumors, autoimmune diseases, and other diseases.
    On the same day, representatives of Fosun International, the controlling shareholder of Henlius, and the management of Fosun Pharma, together with the founder team of Henlius and the core team of the listing project team, attended the listing ceremony to witness the glorious moment of the company’s listing.


    Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, congratulated Henlius on the successful listing in the Hong Kong stock market.  He said:


    I still remember that Fosun began to invest in pharmaceutical research and development 15 years ago, but at the initial stage, we kept trying and failing and did not let that stop us. We tried harder and kept trying and failing until we found Dr. Liu Shigao and Dr. Jiang Weidong’s team in the United States ten years ago.  We focused only on one thing during this time! In the past ten years, we made up our mind to invest and devote ourselves to R&D, and finally achieved the success of Henlius.


    Fosun colleagues often say that we should insist on doing the right thing, the difficult thing, and the thing taking time to develop, and we should be smart and efficient to insist.  Undoubtedly, Henlius has done a good job in this respect. At the same time, taking it as a starting point, more innovative R&D platforms like Henlius have been born in the Fosun ecosystem and are growing vigorously.


    Wang Qunbin, CEO of Fosun International, said:


    As an investor who has grown with Henlius, Fosun is very proud of Henlius’ successful listing. In the 27 years of development since its establishment in 1992, Fosun has become a family consumption group driven by scientific innovation.


    The successful listing of Henlius has enhanced Fosun’s confidence in continuing to adhere to the development of scientific innovation.  As the benchmark of scientific innovation development in Fosun’s member enterprises, the successful listing of Henlius makes us realize that only the approach of scientific innovation driven development can make Fosun go faster, improve, and become more sustainable.


    Fosun is very optimistic about the performance of Henlius after its listing and will fully support the further development of Henlius by using the profound industrial expert taking time to develop in Fosun system.  At the same time, we also look forward to the linking of high-quality products and brands, represented by Henlius, in the Fosun system to form a closed loop, so as to create more healthcare, happiness, and wealth products for global family customers.


    Chen Qiyu, Co-President of Fosun International and Chairman of Fosun Pharma, said:


    Since its establishment, Henlius has had a strong mission to provide affordable and high-quality biopharmaceutical products for cancer patients in China and around the world.  Henlius has always been leading in the industry in the research, development, and commercialization of biosimilar drugs, innovative drugs, and combination therapies.


    We believe that the listing of Henlius in the Hong Kong stock market is the first step to the success to the international capital market. In the future, it will continue to develop soundly, providing high quality and affordable products to more than 4 million new cancer patients in China and more than 10 million new cancer patients in the world every year, contributing to human health, and creating value for shareholders!


    Henlius has established a rich pipeline of biosimilar drugs and biological innovative drugs, and its R&D achievements have gradually reached the commercialization stage. The company’s first key product, Hanlikang (Rituximab injection), which was the first biosimilar drug in China, was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration in February 2019 and was officially sold from mid and late May onwards.
    In addition to Hanlikang, up to now, the application for two new drugs of Henlius has been accepted, and more than 20 clinical trials have been carried out worldwide for 14 products and 6 combination treatment regimens. Among them, the applications for HLX02 (trastuzumab) and HLX03 (adalimumab injection) have been accepted by the State Food and Drug Administration and have been included in the priority review procedure. The application for HLX02 has been accepted by the European Medicines Agency.
    During the global marketing period, Henlius announced that it had reached a cooperation consensus with KG Bio, a subsidiary controlled by the Indonesian pharmaceutical company PT Kalbe Farma, Tbk, to grant KG Bio the exclusive right to develop and commercialize the first monotherapy and two combination therapies of HLX10 (anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody) independently developed by Henlius in 10 countries in Southeast Asia. Through this distribution channel, the company will speed up the development of HLX10 products in the Southeast Asian market.


    Liu Shigao, CEO of Henlius, said:


    As a leading biopharmaceutical company in China, Henlius aims to provide high-quality innovative biological drugs at a cheap price to patients all over the world. The listing in Hong Kong is an important milestone for Henlius, which will inject strong capital strength into the company in the future and open up a broader space for development.


    Henlius will take advantage of its successful listing in Hong Kong to open a new chapter of rapid development. In the future, we will adhere to the core values of quality, speed, and innovation, focus on patients, and develop and produce more high-quality and affordable drugs to target unmet clinical needs, so as to benefit a large group of patients.