• Huangpu District unveils blueprints for its three world-class commercial zones, with Yuyuan set to become a cultural tourism landmark
  • Release Time: May 26, 2021
  • On May 26, the "May 5 Shopping Festival 2021", Future Planning Forum on the Renewal and Upgrade of Huangpu Business District was kicked off as one of the events staged in Huangpu District to celebrate the at the Beaufort Terrace in Yuyuan Tourist Mart. It was attended by Gao Yun the Secretary of CPC Huangpu District Committee and Wang Nai the Governor of Huangpu District Government.

    Under the auspices of Huangpu District Commission of Commerce, the Forum, as a pivotal part of the "2nd May 5 Shopping Festival" held in Huangpu District, was hosted by Savills with the support of East China Architectural Design and Research Institute under Huajian Group and Yu Yuan Cultural Commercial Group, with the Executive Education Center of Fudan University School of Management providing professional academic guidance.

    As the heart, portal and a signature place of Shanghai, Huangpu District enjoys a unique geographical location and a time-honored history. It is an administrative division with the richest functional layout in Shanghai, where economic, administrative and cultural highlights converge. Throughout the iterative development of business districts in recent years, Huangpu District has established itself as an unparalleled pacesetter, thus attracting extensive attention for the renewal and upgrade of Huangpu Business District. 

    In his speech, Gao Yun said Huangpu District will keep pace with the frontier trends of international business development, strive to become one of the world-class business districts, seize the important opportunities for digital transformation, emphasize all-round planning, ecological construction and consumption upgrades, and work relentlessly to upgrade the Nanjing East Road, Huaihai Middle Road and Yuyuan commercial zones, thereby developing the area into a popular world-class consumption landmark where "internationally renowned brands converge, new business models and paradigms continue to thrive, first or flagship stores set the fashion trends, and shopping experience prevails over its peers".

    He added that whilst adhering to its orientation as a prosperous and enchanting location, Nanjing East Road commercial zone will endeavor to transform itself into an international, youthful, and trendy hangout with sweeping vibrancy day and night across its surroundings, and a "whole-new panoramic landmark" famed for cross-sector integration. The Huaihai Middle Road commercial zone will seek to enliven the Xintiandi neighborhood and the cultural experience and leisure area around Fuxing Park by "turning the streets into a commercial zone", thereby developing an elegant and trendy commercial zone with global influence. On the other hand, the Yuyuan commercial zone will seize on the renewal of inner-city areas and the construction of the "blue-green ribbon" ecological corridor to evolve into a cultural tourism landmark bringing together ancient and modern cultures, unique folk customs and alluring exotic elements leveraging the intangible cultural resources, reshaping consumption scenes integrating business, travel and culture, and promoting youthful and groovy transformation of time-honored brands.

    The Forum witnessed the official establishment of Huangpu Alliance of Core Commercial Zones, with founding members including Shanghai New World, Huaihai Group, Shanghai Tobacco Group Huangpu Tobacco, Sugar and Liquor Co., Ltd., Bailian Group, Henderson Land Development, Hongyi Group, China Overseas Commercial Properties, The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, Lai Fung Holdings, etc. 


    "In its '14th Five-Year Plan', Shanghai explicitly announced its ambitious goal of building the city into an international consumption hub, a drive that entails the formation of a world-class consumption 'golden belt'," said Zhu Zhaorong, CEO of Savills China. "Among the 'two commercial streets and four commercial zones' of Shanghai, Nanjing Road, Huaihai Middle Road-Xintiandi and Yuyuan Garden are all situated in Huangpu District. All global cities striving for excellence must embrace changes and renewals in a bid to keep pace with the times, as Shanghai's legendary business district, Huangpu District is undergoing a new round of business upgrades. As a participant and witness of these upgrades, Savills has undertaken a slew of epic projects from Xintiandi to the 'Golden Triangle' of Nanjing East Road, and from New World to the East Extension of Nanjing East Road. Huangpu District has been contributing innovative solutions to Shanghai's commercial prosperity. We will add to the innovation and exert ourselves to bolster the creation of brighter commercial prospects for Huangpu District."

    The Forum also witnessed the official release of the White Paper on Urban Renewal in China's High-Density Core Areas, an important industry research output jointly compiled and published by East China Architectural Design and Research Institute and Savills. Consisting of chapters titled "Status quo of China's high-density core areas", "Strategies for the renewal of high-density core areas", "Development prospects", etc., the White Paper seeks to inform the upgrade and improvement of commercial zones and inspire China's urbanization development with brand new perspectives. 

    At the ensuing round-table meeting themed on "Multi-Stakeholder Collaborated Revival and Renewal of Commercial Zones in Huangpu District", high-ranking officials from Shanghai New World Co., Ltd., Huaihai Commercial (Group) Co., Ltd., Yu Yuan Cultural Commercial Group, East China Architectural Design and Research Institute under Huajian Group, and Executive Education Center of Fudan University School of Management shared their insights into the revival and renewal of the commercial zones in Huangpu District from the perspectives of operators, retailers and professional institutions. 

    Reporter: Fan Yuhao

    Editor: Huang Qianwen; Photos: Lu Weiguo