Governance Structure

Fosun International(”The Group”) is committed to achieving high standards of corporate governance to safeguard the interests of shareholders and to enhance its corporate value and accountability. The Group has established a sound corporate governance structure, under which the Board is responsible for the leadership and supervision of the Group and oversees the businesses, strategic decisions and performance of the Group. The Board has established the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, Nomination Committee and Environmental, Social and Governance Committee to oversee particular aspects of the Group’s affairs.

Board Committees

Social and
Governance Committee
Mr. Guo Guangchang (Chairman)        
Mr. Wang Qunbin (Co-Chairman)        
Mr. Chen Qiyu (Co-Chief Executive Officer)        
Mr. Xu Xiaoliang (Co-Chief Executive Officer)        
Mr. Qin Xuetang       Member
Mr. Gong Ping        
Ms. Chen Shucui        
Mr. Zhuang Yuemin        
Mr. Yu Qingfei        
Mr. Zhang Shengman* Chairman Chairman Chairman Member
Mr. Zhang Huaqiao* Member Member Member Member
Mr. David T. Zhang* Member Member Member Member
Dr. Lee Kai-Fu* Member Member Member Chairman
Ms. Tsang King Suen Katherine* Member Member Member Member

* Independent Non-Executive Directors